PETSVILLE offers Dubai an affordable luxury one stop shop for all your dog care solutions Be it active day care, luxury boarding or grooming, our professional qualified team will make sure that your dog will go home happy, and looking forward to their next visit.


We are setting a new standard for dog boarding in Dubai, with a wide range of boarding options, including home like living rooms, single and double occupancy doggies rooms and pack sleepers. All our rooms and open areas are temperature controlled, fitted with premium tiles, antibacterial flooring with the highest standards of hygiene, sanitation and comfort for your pooch. All Boarding doggies have access to the park and enjoy a variety of activities to make sure their stay is enjoyable. We are a force free facility and all our handlers are trained on positive reinforcement


Daycare is not only an excellent option for busy households, but it is also the best way to keep your furry family member socialised, exercised and mentally stimulated. This leaves you taking home a happy, tired and well balanced dog. Our daycare is second to none, with a fully fledged daycare park, two indoor play areas and a spacious outdoor playground. We ensure your dog is fully supervised at all times by our highly skilled handlers. All our handlers are trained in force free handling and only use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage desired behaviours. Our handlers are also trained in first aid and enrichment. Safety and fun are our number one priorities and we carefully plan our play groups by size, breed, temperament and age. We have different daycare packages that suit every need and a pet taxi service to pick up/drop off your beloved pooch as per your convenience.


We collaborate with Pawfect behaviour in all our training programs. Pawfect Behaviour was found by Aimee Orme, who is one of very few UK certified and qualified behaviourists in the middle east. Aimée is a true animal lover through and through. Having grown up surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes, it seems she was destined to work with animals in some way. She provides all kinds of trainings whether groups classes or individual consultations, board and train and puppy classes, please email or call us for more details.
We have a full fledged training center manager by Pawfect behaviour, we provide all kinds of training including

  • Board and Train
  • Daycare and Train
  • Puppy Classes
  • Agility
  • Behavioural consultation


Hygiene cannot be compromised, but in addition, we genuinely believe that all pooches deserve to be beautiful and are entitled to look, and feel good. Our team provides best in class grooming services, they are trained to handle all breeds and temperaments. We only use the best grooming products and our prices are highly affordable


We have a fleet of premium temperature controlled cars that provide the highest standards of safety for your dog. Our drivers are all handlers with years of experience and we make sure that rides are enjoyable and safe


Catsville is a brand new cat boarding concept for your favourite little prince or princess. Featuring spacious towers, luxury play areas and dedicated cat carers trained in force free handling.
Over seen by a qualified behaviourist, we have taken care of every detail, no matter how small. We have provided your cat with hiding places, climbing frames, customized feeding and play schedules and a specially designed and built play area. Your cat has every opportunity to express all their natural behaviours in a stress free environment.